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Epioni, wife of Asclepius and daughter of Meropos was a deity in ancient Greece with therapeutic skills. Its name recalls the “mild (ipia) pharmacy”. She was the partner and at the same time wife of Asclepius, the ancient God of Medicine.

Walking in the footsteps of our ancient heritage, we offer in low cost high quality of medical treatments and recreational-tourist services, organized by an experienced and qualified body, Epioni Hellas.

Points of differentiation of Epioni Hellas

High Quality of Hospitals

We developed and maintain collaborations with the leading hospitals in Greece, all of which are internationally certified by JCI (Joint Commission International), TEMOS systems and are also part of the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) system. These organizations are the leading ones in certification of hospitals as regards the provision of high quality services around the world.

Executive Board of Physicians

The Epioni Hellas doctors’ network consists of top scientists with relevant experience and expertise in foreign hospitals such as in the USA and the United Kingdom.

Our values, our commitment

We operate

  • with integrity
  • aiming to cover our customers’ needs
  • with absolute transparency

In Epioni Hellas, we promise to provide care with respect and responsibility to individual patient preferences, their needs and values and ensuring that these values will be the guide for each decision.

Meet the experts

In an environment of complete safety, the customer can enjoy the services provided by Εpioni Hellas, as a result of our long experience in the medical-pharmaceutical sector. We will undertake every aspect of medical tourism, including airplane trips, accommodation, local transportations, concierge service, communication and any other service requested. With their knowledge and experience, Epioni’s personnel is able to give the ideal solution to a health issue, together with the unforgettable experience of visit and acquaintance with the spirit of Ancient Greece, the cradle of Western civilization and democracy.

Epioni Hellas


IVF & assisted fertilization

Dialysis Treatment

Plastic surgery

Cardiac Surgery

Robotic Urology

Orthopedic surgery

Opthalmology / Eye Surgery

Restorative & geriatric tourism

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