About Epioni Hellas

Εpioni Hellas is a medical tourism company, a global activity in the center of which there is the ultimate understanding of the needs of a person who wishes to travel to Greece for treatment reasons. We develop and provide an integrated platform of services, through which we connect the customer to the doctor and the hospital as well as we organize the entertainment part of the trip.

In an environment of complete safety, the customer can enjoy the services provided by Εpioni Hellas, as a result of our long experience in the medical-pharmaceutical sector. We will undertake every aspect of medical tourism, including airplane trips, accommodation, local transportations, concierge service, communication and any other service requested. With their knowledge and experience, Epioni’s personnel is able to give the ideal solution to a health issue, together with the unforgettable experience of visit and acquaintance with the spirit of Ancient Greece, the cradle of Western civilization and democracy.

Εpioni Hellas provides the most affordable and qualitative medical care as part of the needs of every medical tourist.

Εpioni Hellas operates in Greece with treatment centers in Athens, Thessaloniki, Crete, Santorini, Rhodes, Patras, Kavala and other places of the Greek countryside where there are rehabilitation units.

Εpioni Hellas’ registered office is located in Athens, Greece.



IVF & assisted fertilization

Dialysis Treatment

Plastic surgery

Cardiac Surgery

Robotic Urology

Orthopedic surgery

Opthalmology / Eye Surgery

Restorative & geriatric tourism

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