Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Medical Tourism?

The term “Medical tourism” widely describes the provision of a cost competitive private medical care in cooperation with the tourist industry to patients who need surgeries, as well as other specialized forms of treatment outside their country of origin.

Is Medical Tourism Suitable For The Treatment Of All Cases?

Most medical cases can be treated as medical tourism. However, the most proper opinion can only be provided through examination of the medical records by trained medical personnel.

Can My Family Doctor Discuss With The Attending Doctor/Hospital?

Communication between the attending doctor with your family doctor is a necessary requirement. From our side, we ensure the organization of communication via teleconference or video, depending on the available means of the other side.

What Will Happen If I Postpone My Plans For Medical Care?

We understand that in some cases, you may need to postpone your already planned trip. On the condition that -based on the agreement made- the health providers and other provision of services bodies have already made certain arrangements, it is possible that there will be cancellation costs which are beyond our control. In all cases, we have a very clear cancellation policy, which determines the costs in case of cancellation/postponement.

How Will Recovery Be Performed After Treatment?

Immediately after the agreement of a treatment plan in the hospital, the duration and form of recovery will be agreed. We shall make all necessary arrangements to implement it.

Who Will Take Care Of Me When I Recover From My Treatment?

Depending on the needs of each case and since there is no accompanying family member, the company’s special partner will undertake to find a person to take care of you on a full time or part time basis.

Should There Be A Person To Communicate With Me In My Mother Language?

The language of communication of our company’s partners is English. However, in case communication is not possible in English, an interpreter shall be called.

How Can I Communicate With You During My Stay In Greece?

When you arrive in Greece, a mobile phone with preloaded airtime will be given to you. The telephone number of the company’s call center, the manager and the special partner that will be responsible during your stay in Greece will be installed in your telephone device. In addition, useful phone numbers, such as the number of the transportation manager, the hospital, the hotel etc. will be also installed in your mobile phone.

How Can I Communicate With You?

You can call us or contact us via e-mail. It is our pleasure to serve you by giving you additional information.

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