Epioni Hellas company, from the beginning of the cooperation, will assign to a special partner the performance of the necessary arrangements to organize the medical trip from the country of residence to Greece.

  1. The special partner will make the initial communication with the customer for better understanding of their needs and requirements.
  2. Identification of the appropriate hospital shall be made based on the customer’s medical needs/requirements and based on the budget set.
  3. Organization of teleconference or video call with the attending doctor who will monitor the procedure.
  4. The appropriate instructions will be given, in cooperation with the customer’s personal doctor, so that the customer carries out the necessary examinations (if necessary) at their country of residence before departure.
  5. Safe transfer of all medical records to the hospital (using our own server).
  6. A detailed provision of information is given to the customer regarding the procedure of medical care, the duration of stay (before and after treatment), the accommodation, the trip and the tourism.
organization before the trip

The special partner will serve as the unique contact point for the provision of services related to the trip from the country of origin to the country of destination.

  1. Provision of help with the reservation of airline tickets and other necessary arrangements for the trip.
  2. Arrangement of issues regarding trip insurance, medical insurance and foreign currency, as well as any other information or help regarding the trip that may be requested by a customer.
  3. Provision of information regarding the procedure and paperwork required for issuing a Visa (where necessary).
Epioni Accomodation

By the time of the arrival, a special partner will be the contact person throughout the customer’s stay and medical treatment in our country.

The special partner:

  1. Welcomes the customer at the airport and ensures the customer’s transfer to the hospital / hotel.
  2. Undertakes the transportation services through a collaborative specialized network of ground transportation.
  3. Has already planned ambulance services if and where needed (cases of customers with serious problems).
  4. Offers communication services providing a telephone device connected with a mobile program that will constitute the communication means between the customer and the customer during their stay in our country.
  5. Arranges the comfortable accommodation of the members accompanying the customer.
Epioni Arrival Services

Εpioni Hellas’ special partner will be present at the hospital at the time of admission and discharge, thus ensuring the smooth performance of the procedure.  The special partner:

  1. Provides full information regarding the procedures before and after treatment.
  2. Provides help in planning meetings with the doctor for site consultation.
  3. Provides full assistance during hospitalization.
  4. Regularly visits the customer during hospitalization, in order to ensure their comfortable stay and face any concerns that may arise.
  5. Follows up with the doctors and the hospital regarding the course of treatment and the state of health.
  6. Undertakes concierge and interpreting services where necessary.
  7. Provides support both before treatment and during recovery.
Epioni Medical Care Services

Provision of information regarding the holidays that can meet the customer’s demands.

Personnel of the tourism department is responsible for booking air tickets, hotels, restaurants, excursions, travel to and from airports – hotels – hospitals.

The Case Manager:

  • Ensures your stay in one of the hotels of your choice after our proposals, according to your own preferences. Greece has excellent hotel infrastructure of all categories.
  • Confirms the booking and issuance of air tickets.
  • Makes sending voucher and tickets to customers.
  • Ensures a comfortable handle, taxi, bus, minivan, limousines where required.
  • Informs the customer at every stage of implementation of our design.

The Reception Manager:

  • Serves as an assistant guide throughout your stay in Greece.
Tourist Services

Εpioni Hellas’ Customer Service Department will undertake to obtain from the hospital where treatment was performed all the necessary documentation and the details required for effective monitoring after treatment.

The company will organize all the necessary documents required before departure from our country and ensure smooth and safe transportation of our medical tourist and their accompanying members back to their country.

After returning to their homeland, the Εpioni Hellas’ Customer Service Department will contact the customer’s personal doctor, and if deemed necessary, the doctor will arrange a contact with the doctor in the hospital where treatment was performed.

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